Discover our oral hygiene products to strengthen the health of your teeth, avoid the feeling of a bad taste in your mouth and wear a whiter smile more than ever.

If you protect yourself from the sun, why don’t you protect yourself from oral aggressions?

We are not looking for a perfect smile,
but many

We give you a selection of Yotuel products for the care of your mouth.
Start showing off your best smile!

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The dental hygiene you need

Repairs enamel + protects gums

We do not care how your teeth are, what matters to us is that you smile in a healthy and radiant way. With our toothpastes your teeth and gums will be cleaner and whiter thanks to the formula developed by our laboratory.

Stained teeth, red gums, damaged enamel … for each type of mouth there is a Yotuel toothpaste that you can take anywhere and introduce it into your daily beauty routine.

  • Remineralise your enamel
  • Neutralises dental erosion
  • Effective whitening
  • Anti-scale action
  • Repairs stained teeth (coffee, tobacco …)
  • Prevents cavities
  • Heals oral lesions
  • Regenerative effect
  • Toothpaste without foam
  • For daily use

The smile that the press brings out

Yotuel all-in-one has become a must in terms of oral care. It is the only toothpaste that repairs the exterior and interior of the enamel and prevents cavities.

Get perfectly white teeth with Yotuel toothpastes. An essential that cannot missed out in your daily oral care.

Yotuel has a perfect mouthwash and toothpaste for your oral hygiene. Stop making excuses and boast a healthy and radiant smile.

Dazzle wherever you go

Say goodbye to dental stains

You will no longer have to worry about your teeth staining with colouring agents or if they are prone to the appearance of cavities or tartar, since we have designed a Whitening Pen that whitens and cares for your enamel.

Thanks to the combination of fluoride, papain and xylitol you will achieve a long – lasting, effective whitening. You will not be able to stop smiling!


Your kissable mouth

The encouragement you deserve

Don’t get a bad taste in your mouth and always carry fresh breath products from the Breath range in your bag.

Finally, an oral care solution that fights bad breath without disturbing the balance of your mouth. Discover the products that we have created based on essential oils that will give your mouth the best feeling of freshness.